NatraSol For Plants

  • Promotes healthy growth in all plants
  • Enhancing Flowering & Fruiting
  • Increases resistance to pests
    and disease
  • Increases plant resistance to frost
    and drought
  • Stimulates root growth development and
    soil biology

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NatraSol Concentrated Fish Fertiliser

  • Increases Plant Root Mass
  • Promotes Shoot Growth
  • Provides Organic Nitrogen & Carbon
  • Crop and Stubble Digester
  • Stimulates Beneficial Soil Microbes
  • Soluble Nutrients & Plant Availability

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Natrasol Seaweed Granules

  • Significant benefit to animal health
    by the provision of minerals & vitamins
  • rich source of organic plant and animal
    nutrients and essential trace elements
  • Increased absorption of food nutrients
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Releases stubborn minerals in soil
  • Enhances root growth development
  • Provides a degree of drought and
    frost resistance to plants

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NatraSol Concentrate For Animals

  • Improve Birth / Progony Performance
  • Increase Fertility & Conception Rates
  • Boosts Immune System - Naturally
  • Calf Scour Prevention - Naturally
  • Improved Meat Quality
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Complete Nutritional Supplement
    for Breeders
  • Osmoregulatory sunstances stimulate
    good gut bacteria

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NatraSol Plus+ For Plants

  • Foliar Nutrient & Soil Booster
  • Maximises Plant Production Capacity
  • Increases Soil Carbon Content and
    Bio-available Nutrients
  • Generates Organic Electrolytes for
    Improved Plant Health
  • Increases Root Growth Development,
    Cell Division, Bud Set, Flowering & Fruiting

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Natrasol Kelp Meal

  • Increased general health, with resistance
    to parasites and diseases
  • Improved reproduction efficiency
  • Enhanced gloss of coat and bloom of skin
  • Improved finishing times
  • Reduction in scouring and dehydration
  • Increased meat and milk production
  • Reduced incidence of body weight loss
  • Improves stress tolerance and hydration
    in extreme heat

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Application & Uses


Product of Tasmania
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T:   03 6457 1034
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Natrasol produce and export a range of high quality fertilisers and soil conditioners to a number of countries and are used in a wide range of climatic zones.

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