NatraSol - Environmentally Friendly Fertiliser

If you are visiting our site looking for environmental friendly fertiliser technology and animal nutrition, you won’t be disappointed.
You may like many, come to realise the importance of finding eco-friendly alternatives to reduce our total reliance on chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that not only have the potential to leach harmful toxins into ground water sources, rivers and streams, but also find their way into the human food chain and have a potential role in degenerative disease.

The NatraSol Brand

NatraSol Sea Products market environmentally friendly products under the NatraSol brand. They are natural solutions of fresh seaweed and wild fish species that thrive in a mixing zone of nutrients welling up from the depths of the Southern Ocean on the West Coast of Tasmania. 
NatraSol products are based on decades of independent research, to provide viable solution alternatives to chemical fertilising practices and address the concerns and specific objectives of profit orientated producers. Agricultural practices that improve productivity and reduce costs without a complete change to current farming methods are what farmers and growers are looking for as supplementary alternative to increase nutrient efficiency and soil biology.


Our Vision

To be a leading supplier of the highest quality organic seaweed and fish products that reflect the diversity of agricultural, viticulture, horticultural and animal breeders markets in Australia and Internationally.

Our Philosophy

To ensure ongoing product development of balanced natural product, will meet and exceed customer requirements in addressing the growing problem of chemical inputs and their effect on soil health, plant nutrition, animal health and human health, in an ever changing environment and market place.