NatraSol Plus For Plants

NatraSol Plus is made from Fresh Seaweed Stems from the West Coast of Tasmania, blended with NatraSol Fish Concentrate and Fulvic Acid to create a natural Bio-plant stimulator and soil conditioner.
The Seaweed and Fish provide the main nutritional elements of plant and animal growth regulators, micronutrients, trace elements and amino acids in chelated form that are easily absorbed by the plant. The fish works as a food source of carbon for good soil fungi and microorganisms.

The Fulvic acid from the fish and is boosted with potassium fulvates from plant organic matter to provide a valuable source of plant growth stimulation that increases plant metabolism and nutrient intake. It is an excellent plant booster to improve nutrient absorption, plant retention and the loss of applied fertilisers from leaching and run-off.


The Natural Benefits

  • Foliar Nutrient & Soil Booster
  • Maximises Plant Production Capacity
  • Increases Soil Carbon Content and
    Bio-available Nutrients
  • Generates Organic Electrolytes for
    Improved Plant Health
  • Increases Root Growth Development,
    Cell Division, Bud Set, Flowering & Fruiting

Technical data

Directions For Use

Application: Shake or stir well before use and use within 24 hours of mixing. Spray early morning or late afternoon to maximise effectiveness.

Safety Directions: Keep out of the reach of children. Not for human consumption. Wash hands after use.