Seaweed Concentrate For Plants

NatraSol for Plants contains natural trace elements in a balanced form for healthy plant growth and simple and complex sugars that increase the efficiency of foliar absorption and benefit the rhizosphere.
Plant roots secrete sugars and other compounds into the soil, where they are utilised by bacteria and fungi, providing the plant with additional nutrients as well as converting unavailable insoluble forms of nutrients into a form readily available to the plant. It also contains another group of beneficial compounds referred to as betains.

Betains are a complex group of plant growth regulators that increase chlorophyll levels and plants defence system. They also play a key role in helping plants survive under cold and wet stress conditions. Plant species that survive frosts, drought, arid and saline conditions have significantly high levels of betaines. The betain levels contained in NatroSol seaweed extract will significantly benefit plants exposed to those conditions.

Increased Resistance To Disease

The Phenolic Compounds and Cytokinins contained in NatraSol increase plant resistance to disease, fungal attack and that caused by sucking insect as well as stimulate greater root development. The increase in efficiency of fertiliser uptake from increased root development leads to the flow-on effects arising from a healthy plant.

The benefit of increased post harvest shelf life of fruit and vegetables is attributed to the cytokinins contained in NatraSol. Cycotinins stimulate cell division resulting in firmer fruit, delayed fruit drop, improved handling and keeping quality.

The increase in post harvest shelf life of leafy vegetables is linked to delayed leaf senescence, a well established effect of cytokinins. They are also involved with shoot growth, elongation and flower and fruit seed development, contributing to increased yield of some crops by delaying the dying off process (leaf senescence) and extending the growth period.

Enhancing Flowering & Fruiting

Auxins are a naturally occurring plant growth regulator vital to root growth and root hair development and are important to the development of flower buds and fruit. The observed increase in fruit set, and rachis stretch in grapes is thought to be due to the auxins in NatraSol and their interaction with other plant growth regulators. When plants grow, they send a root exudate into the soil around the root zone.
This exudates feeds soil bacteria, which in turn break down nutrients locked in the soil and make them available for plants, with auxins and betaines playing an important part in increasing the amount of root exudates.

Stimulates Root Growth Development And Soil

NatraSol provides significant increase in root development in a range of plants including ornamentals, vegetables and cereals. Best results obtained are by two or more applications at between 5 and 10L per hectare. The results are more marked when the application is in the early stage of plant development. However, it is not recommended that potatoes are treated before tuber initiation as this will lead to an increase number of small potatoes. (This may be used to advantage for seed potato production.)

Increases Plant Resistance To Frost And Drought

NatraSol contributes to greater microbial activity in the soil and this in turn, together with greater root development, leads to increase nutrient availability. Spraying sensitive crops such as citrus capsicum and tomatoes with NatraSol liquid seaweed can reduce damage from late frost. In drought conditions plants sprayed have a better survival rate than unsprayed plants. In saline soils NatraSol liquid seaweed significantly increases plant vigour. In marginal land the correct use of Natrasol can make the difference between a profitable return and a loss.


The Natural Benefits

  • Promote deeper and more extensive root development
  • Improve plant ability to uptake soil nutrients & trace elements
  • Provide a natural resistance to insect and fungal attack
  • Significantly increases frost and drought
  • Improve fruit set and quality

Technical data

Application Notes

NatraSol Plants is a fine premium grade seaweed extract with a particle size <100 microns.
For optimum plant uptake, foliar spray early in the morning or cool of the afternoon, when most of the nutrients and growth regulators will be taken into the sap stream within the first hour of application.
This is of particular benefit for a crop that is stressed and unable to obtain nutrients directly from the soil

Natrasol For Pasture

The nutritional requirements of pasture vary considerably according to the situation. Removal of nutrients from dairy farms is high whereas that from beef cattle and sheep properties is usually considerably less. Liquid seaweed products provide significant benefit to pastures but generally, on their own, do not supply significant amounts of nitrogen or phosphorus.