NatraSol Kelp Meal

NatraSol Premium Grade Blended Meal is a general purpose supplement ,made from fresh Tasmanian seaweed that has been potable water washed before drying. It is high in vitamins and minerals and recommended by farmers, stock breeders and equestrians. Studies carried out on the use of seaweed as part of the food ration in livestock have established that it provided significant benefit to animal health by the provision of minerals, vitamins, alginate and osmoregulatory compounds called betaines, that enhance beneficial gut bacteria so that food nutrients are really absorbed and better utilised.

Easily Absorbed

In NatraSol Premium Grade Kelp Meal, the vitamins and minerals occur as complex substances, naturally chelated and easily absorbed into the animal's systemic system without reaction with one another.

NatraSol Premium Grade Kelp Meal Information Sheet


NatraSol Premium Grade Kelp Meal can be included in dry feed at relative low levels (20kg per tonne) to increase the production efficiency by improved utilisation of feed consumed due primarily to betaine activity, enhancing beneficial gut bacteria to maximise food conversion and nutrient absorption.


The Natural Benefits

  • Increased general health, with resistance to parasites and diseases
  • Improved reproduction efficiency
  • Enhanced gloss of coat and bloom of skin
  • Improved finishing times
  • Reduction in scouring and dehydration
  • Increased meat and milk production
  • Reduced incidence of body weight loss
  • Improves stress tolerance and hydration in extreme heat

Technical data

Directions For Use

Safety Directions: Keep out of the reach of children. Not for human consumption. Wash hands after use.