NatraSol For Animals

NatraSol for Animals is a blend of liquid seaweed together with chelated copper, zinc, cobalt and magnesium. The chelated magnesium is present to help the absorption of copper to contribute significantly to the daily requirement for magnesium. Being in chelated form, the copper, zinc and cobalt are easily absorbed in the animals gut. The liquid seaweed contains a number of osmoregulatory compounds that significantly enhance the gut bacteria leading to greater utilization of feed, protein production and energy metabolism. Research has shown that feeding liquid or dried seaweed, is particularly beneficial to cattle leading to greater weight gain, improved general health and productivity.

Impressive Findings

Farmers have reported a "general increase in health and vigour" after using NatraSol for Animals on a regular basis. For more detailed information download the Information Sheets under 'Technical data Downloads' from the right hand column.

Among the particular benefits commented on are:

  • Increase in conception rate
  • Increase in fertility
  • Better cycling
  • Prevention or reduction in scours (calves)
  • Reduction in afterbirth retention
  • Reduced incidence of milk fever
  • Improved birth/progeny performance
  • Increase in wool quality and quantity (sheep)
  • Reduced incidence of white muscle disease
  • Increase in weight gain
  • Improvement in coat shine (cattle, horses, dogs)

The Natural Benefits

  • Improve Birth / Progony Performance
  • Increase Fertility & Conception Rates
  • Boosts Immune System - Naturally
  • Calf Scour Prevention - Naturally
  • Improved Meat Quality
  • Improved Nutrient
  • Complete Nutritional Supplement for Breeders
  • Osmoregulatory sunstances stimulate good gut bacteria

Technical data

Directions For Use

Application: Shake or stir well before use and use within 24 hours of mixing. Spray early morning or late afternoon to avoid full sun and temperatures above 22°C.

Safety Directions: Keep out of the reach of children. Not for human consumption. Wash hands after use.